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Amanuensis Monday - Worship in the Community - Mayfield: Then & Now

Mayfield: Then & NowCopyright 2003; Compiled and Written by Elaine Clark and Sherry Kline

Chapter: Worship in the Community, Compiled & written by Elaine Clark, p. 91

In 1879, two years after the formation of Osborn Township, and one year before Mayfield was officially declared a town, two churches were organized. The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the town of Belleview, one mile east of the current site of Mayfield.  On Sept 6 of that same year, folks met in the sod house of Nicholas Burnside for the purpose of taking the beginning steps to organize a United Presbyterian Church southwest of Mayfield.

Because records were either lost or not kept, we only know that A. D. Moore organized The First Presbyterian U. S. A. Church in the town of Mayfield – probably in the early 18880’s, and we know some of the charter members.

In 1882 the Union Christian Church was organized southwest of Mayfield, and in late 1883, a Baptist Church was organized in the town of Mayfield.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in 1887, and those records are quite complete.  A 1902 church newsletter and a 1934 newspaper article give details about the beginnings of a strong Presbyterian congregation in Mayfield.

At the present time, the only church still active in the community is the Mayfield Federated Church formed by merging the Cumberland Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in 1925. 

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