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Writing the Book!
Gathering photographs, interviewing people, and researching the early 
history of businesses, schools, churches, and cemeteries was a fun, 
but time-consuming job!  Cemetery research was a very big part of writing t
he Mayfield Book. Larry & Elaine Clark, and Norman and Sherry Kline 
walked Mayfield area cemeteries, documented tombstone inscriptions,
 and verified information. 

Sherry & Elaine are shown here by Elaine's great-grandfather, Elias Evans.

Norman and Sherry Kline walked and documented the burials 

in the Osborne Cemetery  that lies just east of Mayfield.    
Norman & Sherry pose by Roderick Remine and 
Frances (Hitchcock) Stocking's graves, 
Sherry's paternal great-grandparent's. 

Some grave stones were just plain harder to find than others!
Here Elaine's husband Larry finds a tombstone "buried" 

inside an overgrown lilac bush.

Book Signings!

The book signing at Caldwell was just one of many for Elaine & Sherry!
It was great fun to meet with the many readers of the book, and
hear the positive impact the book had on so many!

Book Signing at the Sumner County Historical &
Genealogical Society Research Center included
several other area history writers.

Elaine & Sherry pose here with the Mayfield book, and area history authors,
back, left to right: Fred Strickland, South Haven, Rod Cook, Caldwell,
Troy Boucher, Winfield, and Texas author, Glen Onley.

"Mayfield: Then & Now Wins First Place"

The Mayfield Book wins First Place Winners in the Kansas Professional
Communicator's Book Category.  Elaine Clark (left) and Sherry Stocking Kline (right) pose with National Federation of Press Women's President.

First Place entries are then entered into the National Federation of Press Women's Annual Contest, and Elaine and Sherry were thrilled to receive an Honorable Mention for "Mayfield: Then & Now".

Pre-Publication With Publisher

Shown above, Norman & Sherry Kline, "Mayfield: Then & Now" publisher 
Joel Klaassen, and Elaine & Larry Clark. The book that started out to be 
Sherry & Elaine's project took on a life of its own and their spouses 
ended up helping walk and document cemeteries, interview people,
and in Larry's case, even working as a book editor!

Mayfield Water Tower

This photo of the Mayfield Water Tower was taken by Donna 

Yearout on the day it was torn down.  The water tower was a landmark,
visible for many miles around, and there were many young men 
(and probably women, too) who felt it a rite of passage to climb the
 tower and leave a message behind!
Mayfield Softball Teams

L - R -- back row:    Melvin Chitwood, Jack Yearout, "Dewey" Snider, Harold "Fred" Stocking, Floyd Eugene "Gene" Heasty.  L - R -- front row:    Ron Woodbridge, Gene Metzen, Roger Cranmer, Dick Segraves.

Left to Right:  Back row - Dorothy Stayton Wade, 
Georgia Roberts, Roy Stayton, (manager & coach), 
Elizabeth Magill (catcher) and Carol Ruth Roberts. 
Middle Row - Maxine Deffenbaugh Kline, Margaret 
"Peggy" Stocking, Betty Roberts, Marcella Threlfall,
and Lucille Amman, Pitcher.  
Front Row:
 Ruth Ann Miller and Edith Mae Woodbridge Porter.

Longbranch School

The photographer in this picture was looking northwest, and the Deffenbaugh
and Roland Miller farmsteads are visible in the background. 
L to R: Doris Miller (Dean's twin), Dorothy Armstong, Anna Marie Ellison, Elizabeth McCreary, Ruth Anna Miller, Kathleen Deffenbaugh, Maxine Deffenbaugh, Geraldine McCammon, (teacher - later married Bob Walcher), Orville McCreary, Neel Lauterbach, Lloyd Miller, Eugene Heasty, Bruce McCreary (almost hidden from view), Bill McCreary, John Ellison (almost hidden), John Hyndman, David Deffenbaugh, Raymond McCreary, Dean Miller. (Gene Heasty photo)

Pleasant Valley School Students

Circa 1928 - Front row L to R: Lizzie Della Clark, first grade; Mary Stocking, second grade; Herbert Stocking, first grade; Warren Wilson, first grade. Back row: Henry Harry Clark, third grade; Reese George Clark, fifth grade; Margaret "Peggy" Stocking, eighth grade; Clyde Wilderson, unknown grade; Charles Wayne Hill, third grade. The teacher was Frances Stocking, older sister of Mary, Herbert & Peggy. (Lizzie Miller photo) 

(Sherry's Note: This school was located on the north side of Elmer Stocking's pasture, between the Stocking farm and the Stayton farm, in the NW 1/4 18-32-2W, just a little over a quarter mile east the junction of HWY's 49 south and 160. In 2003, part of the school's foundation remains, and is in the right of way next to the road, Highway 160, just west of the small bridge there.)

Harlan and Harry
Wheat is still Sumner County's biggest crop, and here two area 
farmers, Harlan Barry and Harry Gerberding, take a break from 
harvesting wheat  to pose in front of their combines. This photo 
is one of Elaine and Sherry's favorites in the Mayfield Book.

Peeking out of the Outhouse...

John Duvall peeks out of his backyard outhouse.
Outhouses were a common site in most backyards even till the 
mid 1950's, and you were really 'uptown' if you had a "two-holer.

Stocking Homestead

This tiny little 10 x 12 shiplap home was the first home of Roderick
 Remine and Frances "Fanny" Stocking when they homesteaded 
west of Mayfield.  They lived in this  small little house for two years.  
Their first child was born in this home, and they had to put the table 
outside at night just to go to bed.

They traveled into Indian Territory to gather wood to burn for heat when 
buffalo or cow chips ran low.

2010 - Maureen Taylor tours the Mayfield area...

Photo Detective Maureen Taylor, Boston, Massachusetts,, and speaker for the 2010 Kansas 
Council of Genealogical Societies  Conference enjoyed touring 
Sumner County with Larry & Elaine Clark and Sherry Kline.

Standing on the Chisholm Trail

Following the Civil War, The Chisholm Trail passed through the 
middle of Sumner County, Kansas.  Shown here standing by 
the marker near Mayfield, Kansas is Photo Detective
Maureen Taylor, Elaine Clark, SCHGS Chair for the 
Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies Conference,
 and SCHG' 1st Vice-President, Sherry Stocking Kline

2011 Photo of the Mayfield Community Center

Today, Mayfield's new Community Center is a work in progress, 
being finished as donations and grants become available.

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