Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bellevue [Mayfield] Items for 25 January 1877

Sumner County Press
January 25, 1877
Bellevue Items – By Charlie
(Excerpted from the book:  "Mayfield: Then & Now" written by Elaine Evans Clark and Sherry Stocking Kline

Our settlement has again been afflicted by the death of Miss Mattie Luckey, aged 17 years, daughter of James H. Luckey.  This is the second death in his family lately.

Our school house is enclosed, and we have church in it every Sabbath.

I find that a great many people are ignorant of the location of Bellevue.  I will describe it:  It is five miles north-west of the center of the county, and is the center of Osborn township on a high and beautiful location; and by the way, a good place for a hotel, it being on the old cattle trail and the direct route from Wellington to Medicine Lodge City.

A good blacksmith would do exceedingly well here.

S. V. Walton will deed a lot to any one who will build a business house thereon, provided no intoxicating liquors are to be sold in it.

The houses of this township are all as good or better than the average in the county.
There is not a dug-out or a sod house in the township.

We have a trail route running north and south, [the Chisholm Trail] and hope to have one running east and west soon.

Wheat looks tolerable fair.

Some improvements going on this winter. 

Note: Bellevue was one of the first names for Mayfield, Kansas, and it was founded by S. V. Walton and his family.