Monday, December 7, 2015

Amanuensis Monday - Worship in the Community - Baptist Church - Part Two

Mayfield: Then & Now – Worship in the Community Chapter - Copyright 2003; compiled and written by Elaine Clark and Sherry Kline

Part Two - Baptist Church – p. 91 - 92

When her mother, Lucy, moved back to Mayfield in 1950, she regained possession of the church building and became a congregation of one.

According to another source, before Lucy took over the care and repair of the church building, pigeons were flying in and out of the attic, but from the time Lucy came home until her death in 196, she was faithful to maintain the church building.  She replaced the roof, repaired the sanctuary floors, and kept the church clean. Although I never knew Lucy Clark, I’ve heard her described as a lady who displayed “great Strength of character and one who lived her convictions and faith.”

In 1965 the Baptist building was sold and moved to Argonia, Kansas where it now serves as part of the Salter Museum.