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Amanuensis Monday - History of Church at Mayfield - Part Three - Worship in the Community Chapter

Part Two, P. 99 - Mayfield: Then & Now, compiled and written by Elaine Clark & Sherry Kline,  Copyright 2003

Chapter: Worship in the Community, Compiled & written by Elaine Clark

The following was compiled from a newspaper article.

In the winter of 1923 a fine union revival was held under the Presbyterian Church under the leadership of H. G. Butler of Cleveland, Kansas, with N. J. Croft, pastor of Presbyterian Church and Reverend G. A. Parkhurst, pastor of the Methodist Church.

This was repeated the next year with fine success, with Reverend Charles S. Ealy of Des Moines, Iowa, Evangelist and Reverend D. S. Alexander, pastor of Presbyterian Church and Reverend H. C. Johnson, pastor of the Methodist Church.

From the Methodist Church have gone out seven preachers, Lincoln Snyder of Oklahoma Conference, Augustus Gardner, later a Presbyterian preacher, H. G. Porter, pastor at Atlanta, Kansas, Clare McNeil, pastor at South Haven, Wendell Williams, pastor at Corbin, Carl Stocking, pastor at Danville, and Raymond Knowles, pastor at Raymond, Kansas.

Mrs. Fred Rose has the honor of having been a member of the Methodist Church the greatest number of years, she having joined in 1887.  She is also a granddaughter of Rev. O. G. Wilbur, founder of the Mayfield class.

R. R. Stocking, who has been a member for over 40 years, is present today with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

The charter members with many others have passed to their reward, but we are thankful as the ranks grow thin a new recruit steps in to fill the gap, and to “carry on” in the King’s Army.

In the words of the hymn writer, our prayer would be:

Dear Lord,   take up the tangled strands,
Where we have wrought in vain,
That by the skill of Thy dear hands,
Some beauty may remain,
Take all the failures, each mistake,
Of our poor human ways,
Then, Savior,,, for thine own dear   sake,
Make them show forth Thy praise.

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