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Amanuensis Monday - History of Church at Mayfield - Part Two - Worship in the Community Chapter

Part Two, P. 99 - Mayfield: Then & Now, compiled and written by Elaine Clark & Sherry Kline,  Copyright 2003

Chapter: Worship in the Community, Compiled & written by Elaine Clark

The following was compiled from a newspaper article

It is interesting to know that in 1918 Mayfield Church was asked to raise $107 for Conference Claimants Endowment. The pastor, O. R. Henderson, assisted by five other pastors put on a drive and secured subscriptions to the amount of $1225, one third of which was paid that year.  The chare also paid $160 to American Relief, met all its claims in full, bought 125 song books, and had $200 left in the treasury.

In 1920 the Methodist church bought a dwelling house to be used as a parsonage for $2,000.  The same year a garage was built at a cost of $200.

In 1921, a small addition was added to the parsonage and the Sunday School room was added to the north end of the church building.

There have been many seasons of refreshing during the years, but we will only mention two that are outstanding.  The first began in 1892 with Reverend I. F. Hodge as pastor and continued during the pastorates of A. A. Parker and R. L. George.  The second came in 1915 with S. J. Manning as pastor, which is still in evidence thru the years.

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