It Started With a Quilt

"Mayfield: Then & Now"

"Mayfield: Then & Now," the book, owes its existence to the curiosity surrounding the many names on an antique quilt given to Larry and Elaine Clark!  

You can see a photograph of that quilt below and read the story of how the book got its start!

Bound in beautiful, leather-textured blue with gold accents, "Mayfield: Then & Now" is an heirloom quality book that you will be proud to own, and proud to hand down to your children.  (Better yet, buy each of them one!)

Weighing in at a hefty 5.2 pounds, the book is a family historian/genealogist's dream!  With 540 pages that spans generations of individual memories, history, family history, and local lore, it's a fun way to learn more about your family's (or ancestor's home town).

Most family histories include family trees, and a few have as many as seven generations!
Add to that 752 one-of-a-kind photographs and a 39 page index loaded with family names and the book is a must-have for anyone with ties to Mayfield.

Weight:              5.2 pounds
Pages:               540 pages
Photographs:    752
Index:                  39 pages

When Larry and Elaine Clark received the quilt, they wanted to know more about all the many names on the quilt, so they invited free-lance writer, Sherry Stocking Kline and hubby Norman, along with several seniors with Mayfield ties to their home for a gathering in rural Wellington, complete with homemade ice cream and cake.

A good time was had by all, and the senior couples that were invited had many memories to share.  Both Elaine and Sherry were taking notes, and before long, both the Clark's and the Kline's were saying to one another, "we need to preserve these memories."

Elaine and Sherry still don't remember whose idea it was for two novices to write a book, (and for a time they were kicking themselves wishing they hadn't had that idea!) but they felt that too many wonderful stories, memories, and history would be lost if "someone didn't do something."

With the help of 100's of Mayfielders, they put together a book of wonderful stories, memories, photographs, and family history and learned more than they bargained for, as well as a few things not fit to print!

There are some unsolved mysteries, such as who put the cow in the schoolhouse. (If you know who did this, please contact Sherry, she really wants to know!!)

We owe many thanks to everyone who loaned us treasured photographs, wrote wonderful stories, prayed for us, and allowed all of us who love Mayfield to share our photographs and stories with each other, and pass something valuable down to future generations.

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