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Mayfield Book Chapters

Mayfield Book: Chapters

Title Page

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Table of Contents


     1  -   "I Remember Mayfield"                                  1  
              What was so special about growing up in Mayfield?   Read twenty-one great stories written by people who love Mayfield, and you'll know why! 
      2   -   "The Quilt That Started It All"                    31
                It was a lovely, faded friendship quilt that started the whole "somebody ought to do a book" idea.
       3   -   "From the Beginning"                                   39
                From Coronodo to today. Coronodo traveled Sumner County long before longhorns traveled the Chisholm    Trail north to railheads, or homesteaders fenced off their land.

      4   -   "Mayfield Businesses"                                   53
                Photos of early Main Street Mayfield, stories of past and current businesses, and names of many owners and employees.

       5   -  "From the Faucet"                                         85
               Information about Lake Wellington, and photos of Mayfield's favorite landmark, the water tower, coming down.
        6   -   "Worship in the Community"                     91
                Baptist, Union Chapel Christian Church, Chikaskia Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, and Mayfield  Federated Church.          
         7   -   "The Three R's"
                   "In the Country"                                      143
                   "In Mayfield"                                           161
                One-room and Mayfield School information, lists of teachers, interviews with one-room school teachers and numerous photos!
       8   -   "Play Ball!"                                                  181
                Photos of Mayfield's Football and Baseball teams, the professional football team, and several girl's teams.

        9   -   "Redwing or Red Wing 4-H?
                  Take Your Pick"                                        193
               First meeting in 1935, the Redwing 4-H club has helped mold and shape several generations of young people.

     10   -   "Other Community Organizations"           205
                      Mayfield has had many civic minded service & just-for-fun clubs meet through the years.
     11   -   "Mayfield Families"                                     213
                    More than 115 family stories are in this chapter, many including several generations of familiy history, photographs, and family names.

      12   -  "Extra! Extra!"                                              355
                Excerpts from several early newspapers, plus Mayfield News through the years.

      13   -   "Cemeteries"                                                 375
                      Osborne Cemetery, Union Chapel Cemetery, and Chikaskia (Presbyterian) Cemetery history and burials.

     14   -  "In Memory"                                                  415

     15   -   "Miscellaneous Treasures"                          437
                           Miscellaneous stories such as "The Longhorn Stampede," "The Oil Company Fire," Halloween Recollections, and numerous photographs.

              Index                                                              497 to 536
                      Is your family represented in this Thirty-nine page Index of names?

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