Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Mayfield News Clips from the Sumner County Press - July 21, 1881, July 5, 1883, & September 20, 1883

July 21, 1881 - Sumner County Press
Prairie Creek Items

A new town started in the corner of townships Down, Chikaskia, Ryan and Osborne, named "Business Corner."  There is quite a strife over who is to be the mayor, but it is thought J. D. Prunty leads, although (sic) Geo. O. Carpenter is very popular with the women, and should they vote, maybe he will be the coming man.

July 5, 1883 - Sumner County Press
Wellington News

It would be well for some of our young people to remember that the city ordinance on fast driving prohibits a greater rate than eight miles an hour, and govern themselves accordingly.

September 20, 1883 - Sumner County Press
Mayfield Musings

Mr. and Mrs. Stocking, from Illinois, are visiting their son Roderick.  They visited here four years ago, and are much pleased with the advancement of the county in that time.