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Mayfield: Then & Now: Union Chapel Christian Church

Union Chapel Christian Church
Information and photographs excerpted from "Mayfield: Then & Now, "
page 92


Information about the Union Chapel Christian church is sketchy because early records were lost.  Thanks to Hubert Heasty and Virginia (Armstrong) Overly for sharing the following information.
   Union Christian Church was organized in 1882 and met in the Union schoolhouse until 1891.  The congregation then built a church building one-half mile east of the school house and named it Union Chapel Christian Church. It was located in Osborn Township, two miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of Mayfield (NW 1/4 of Section 31).

   On August 19, 1886 Milton Marquart and his wife, Jane, made a Warranty Deed, which was filed with the Sumner County Register of Deeds on September 17, 1891.  They deeded two square acres to "The church of Jesus Christ, commonly known as and styled the Christian Church at Union School House in School District # 103."  They included the stipulation that the land was to be used and controlled by the Elders of the Church as a building site for a church house, church purposes, and a public cemetery.

   On May 11, 1932, the Board of Trustees signed an Affidavit to transfer all of the land to Osborn Township for their maintenance and control except one-half square acre in the northwest corner which was occupied by the church building.  The church building was removed in the early 1950's.

   Some of the charter members and early members were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Williams, Madison Williams and sister Alice Williams, Al DeMoss, Loty and Na?? (original record was unreadable), George Carpenter, Ira, Mary, G.S., Mrs. Morgan Ingram, Charley, Laura, and John, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Prunty, Charlie and Clara, Mr. and Mrs. George Prunty,and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Prunty, Mr. and Mrs. Van Darling, W. C.Rose, Dr. McCuddy, Mr. and Mrs. Will Thompson, Fred DuVall, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Marquart,  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pierce, Russell Ingram, Charles Roberts, George Roberts.

   The Union Chapel Christian Church disbanded on November 1, 1953, because there were too few members to carry on.  It was a difficult decision because the church had been important to many families in the community.

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