Monday, May 23, 2016

Amaunensis Monday - 1942 Photograph of Mayfield Federated Church Members

Mayfield Federated Church 

Mayfield: Then & Now - p. 105

Members of the Mayfield Federated Church Congregation on June 14, 1942:  Front row: L to R: Ruby Anderson, Coralyn Stayton, Marlene Jackson, Lorene Clark, Thelma Faye Goodrum, Marilyn Stayton, Opal D. Clark; second row: Edna Stayton, Gail Goodrum, Gerald Hill, Neal Goodrum?, Gordon Goodrum, Ronald Hill, Anne Jackson; Third ow: unknown, unknown, Margaret Goodrum holding Karen Wade, Virginia Armstrong, Norma Jo Wade, Vivian Armstrong, Wanda Miller; Fourth Row: unknown, Mabel Stayton, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown; Fifth row: Lawrence Clark, Gladys Clark holding Larry Roland Miller, Iola Miller, unknown, unknown, unknown; sixth row: Henry Clark, Marian Clark, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Myrtle Stocking; Seventh Row: unknown, Gerry Porter, unknown, Fred Stayton (with suspenders) unknown (maybe a Cramner?), Roy Stayton, Charlie Lauterbach; Eighth row: from right to left on this row is Wanda Stayton holding Bob, and Pete Wade and Dorothy Wade. 

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